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Tour of the Village

Hulcott is a small village approximately three miles north-east of Aylesbury . The latitude is 51’20” north, and longitude 45’30” west. The National Grid reference is SP/853166, and the village appears on sheet I165 of the Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 1st.series map.   The total area of the Civil Parish of Hulcott is 300 hectares (1.2 sq miles).

The village lies between 200 and 300 feet above sea level, and a bench mark at the southwest corner of the church is 275.1 feet (83.85 metres)Click here to see large scale map.

The 1991 census recorded the population as 92

Hulcott is served by two branch roads running off the A418, the Aylesbury to Leighton Buzzard road.   About 200 years ago green lanes or highways ran from Hulcott to the Aylesbury-Tring road, the Long Marston-Wingrave road, and to Rowsham. A ford that served the latter survives on Thistle Brook.

No buses run to the village although there is a regular service along the main road.

Hulcott village stands round a wide green, with the church to the east of it. South of the church is Manor Farm House, called Manor House by some.

To the south of the green is the old Rectory, rebuilt in 1859 and now converted to a nursing home.

The school house.  Photo: Frank Rickett    Click here for larger pictureTo the west of the green is the school, built in 1862.  On the front wall is a plaque that reads “Dei uni bono et sanctis qui in terra ejus omnibus has scholas parvulis juxte lege Jesu in viam pagie dirigendis Edwardis Bonus parochiae rector dedicat.” which translates as “To the one good God and all the Saints on his earth,  Edward Bonus rector of this parish,  dedicates this school for children to be guided, joined to the law of Jesus onto the path of peace”.

To the north of the green is a row of four cottages bearing plaques that point to previous Rothschild ownership, while in the north east corner of the green is Church Farm House, believed to date from the 16th century.

Off the Hulcott-Rowsham Lane is Cane End Farm house, a large square-plan Victorian house.


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