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All Saints Church


There is a vision for All Saints to develop as a model of church, similar to that of a Festival Church, but remaining part of the Parish of Bierton and Hulcott.

This vision is long-held and plans had been drawn up by the church architect some years ago to convert the Lady Chapel and vestry into a community space with loo and kitchenette. This would enable us to welcome the widen community for a range of activities whilst holding at least six services a year. There are already weekly contemplative prayer sessions being held and a Harvest Festival service planned for September 2021.

There are misconceptions about All Saints which need correcting:

  • The church has not been deconsecrated
  • The building is not unsafe
  • The church is not closed!
  • However, the threat of closure hands over us unless we reinvent ourselves

Since the beginning of December last year, with Covid precautions in place, the church has been left open during daylight hours. There have been affirmations from many people, so thankful that the church is available for them to have moments of peace and tranquillity in this space which has been prayed in for generations. In the main these people who do not attend church but are nonetheless seeking something more.

It was wonderful to be able to offer the church for a private function held by the Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity a few weeks ago. It was the charity’s way of thanking major donors and two of the senior nurses spoke eloquently about the way in which they had continued to support their patients during the pandemic.

There was a short slot to speak about the church, in which it was explained that the church is under threat of closure, however the prospect of the doors being locked and the building gradually deteriorating is heart-breaking to many of us, hence Friends of All Saints was formed with the aim of reinventing the church to serve the local and wider community as well as continuing with worship.

Clearly major fundraising will be necessary, but the enthusiasm there is about the church bodes well for the future. New people are offering their skills and we welcome any additional help.

The church is available for baptisms, weddings and funerals.

For any further information, please contact Pam Masini at


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