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Broughton Hamlet


The village of Broughton is bound to the south by the Bearbrook and the north by the Grand Union Canal.

Little remains of the old village of Broughton. The old water mill still exists alongside the Bearbrook but the wheel and mill race have long disappeared.

Broughton is unique among the villages in that the old manor house still exists; now called Old Manor Farm it retains its original moat and oak-beamed façade but is now surrounded by modern farm buildings and cannot be seen from the road.

At one time Broughton had its own public house, the Seven Stars, housed in a most attractive thatched cottage. The cottage is still here but is now a private house.

Agriculture is still an important part of the Broughton economy. Out of a total of 21 houses, three are working farms and one is an active horse stud.

In April 2020, Broughton Hamlet became its own separate Parish Meeting due to the development of Kingsbrook dividing Broughton Hamlet from Bierton. This is chaired by Jack Batson, who can be contacted via email;


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